When it comes to concealed carry, staying discreet is crucial. You want to carry with confidence, knowing your firearm is secure and well-hidden. That’s where holster claws come in.

Understanding the Basics

A holster claw, sometimes called a “wing” or “wedge,” is a small attachment that helps reduce printing—the outline of your firearm visible through clothing. It works by pushing the grip of the gun inward toward your body, achieving a more secure and low-profile carry. This simple but effective accessory often attaches to the belt side of inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters. Once installed, it uses leverage to bring the butt of the gun closer to your side.

How it Works

The magic behind the holster claw lies in physics. As your belt tightens around the claw, it applies counterpressure to the holster. This counterpressure rotates the grip toward your body, reducing the firearm’s overall visibility. With the grip closer to your side, the holster and gun stay snug against your waist, minimizing the chance of someone noticing you’re armed.

This feature is particularly helpful for those who carry compact or full-size firearms, where grips are longer and more prone to printing.

Benefits of Using a Holster Claw

1. Enhanced Concealment:
By reducing printing, holster claws keep your firearm less noticeable. This allows you to carry with greater peace of mind, knowing your weapon won’t draw unwanted attention.

2. Improved Stability:
The claw presses the holster tightly against your body. This results in a secure, stable fit that minimizes shifting during movement. Your firearm stays in place, even when you’re bending or walking briskly.

3. Comfortable Carry:
Despite its snug fit, the holster claw doesn’t sacrifice comfort. It keeps the grip from sticking out awkwardly, reducing the need for frequent adjustments. Once adjusted properly, you may forget you’re wearing it.

Finding the Right Holster Claw

Not all holster claws are created equal. Different designs suit various holster models and individual needs. Some are adjustable, allowing you to tweak the angle and pressure until it perfectly suits your carry style. Materials also vary, with high-quality claws typically made of durable polymer to withstand wear.

Check compatibility with your existing IWB holster before purchasing. Most reputable brands provide claws specifically designed for their holsters, ensuring a precise fit.

Is a Holster Claw Right for You?

If printing is a problem or you find your grip sticking out, a holster claw might be the solution. It’s an inexpensive, effective tool that can improve your concealed carry experience. The simple adjustment to your gear makes it worth the effort, giving you greater control and confidence when you’re on the move.

So, the next time you feel your holster isn’t quite sitting right, consider adding a claw. You’ll find the extra stability and concealment well worth the minor investment.