In Starfield, knowing how to handle your weapon is crucial. There’s more to combat than just pulling the trigger. Sometimes, you need to switch focus, calm the situation, or simply lower your guard. For this, you need to know how to holster your weapon. It sounds simple, but it plays a key role in exploration and interactions across the galaxy.

Mastering the Basics

To holster your weapon, you just need to hold the “reload” button or the relevant keybinding specific to your control setup. It’s a quick maneuver and becomes second nature once you’ve done it a few times. Depending on your platform, the holster function is often set to the “R” key on PC or the “X” button on controllers. Check your keybindings if you’re uncertain. You’ll see your character smoothly stow the weapon away, letting you interact with NPCs without a drawn gun.

Strategic Advantages of Holstering

Why would you want to holster your weapon when danger lurks around every corner? Several good reasons. First, holstering increases your movement speed. Traveling with your weapon in hand slows you down and makes exploration sluggish. Stowing the gun means quicker movement, allowing you to traverse faster and more efficiently.

Second, it changes how others perceive you. Guns in hand can trigger different reactions, particularly in settlements and neutral zones. Holstering signals that you’re not a threat. This can make the difference between a tense standoff and a productive conversation.

The Exploration Edge

Weapons can also obstruct your view when drawn, particularly bulky rifles or heavy weapons. With them holstered, you gain a clearer perspective. Scanning for loot, looking for clues, and exploring intricate environments becomes easier. It also minimizes distractions when following quest markers or tracking objectives. And because Starfield is all about discovery, every little edge counts.

Gear Customization

Starfield offers a range of weapons, from traditional ballistic guns to advanced energy blasters. Whatever your loadout, getting familiar with holstering mechanics helps you maintain better control. Different weapons have varying draw and holster speeds, particularly if they’re modified or enhanced. If you’re carrying more than one firearm, take time to practice holstering and swapping between them to maximize efficiency.

Final Thoughts

In Starfield, holstering your weapon is more than just a simple game mechanic. It’s about control, readiness, and how you approach challenges. Knowing when to stow your weapon, assess your surroundings, and talk instead of fight can alter the trajectory of your missions. So practice it well, and let your journey through the stars be swift and seamless.