Let’s face it: Night City is full of surprises. Whether you’re tangling with rival gangs or dodging corpos, having a weapon ready is essential. But the ability to holster your gun quickly and without fumbling is just as important. It’s a skill you’ll need to master to avoid drawing unwanted attention, save yourself from a bullet, or simply avoid scaring the NPCs.

The Basics of Holstering

Holstering in Cyberpunk 2077 is straightforward. If you’re playing on a keyboard, double-tap ALT to stow your firearm. On consoles, just double-tap Y (Xbox) or Triangle (PlayStation). Quick and easy, right? For many players, this setup will become second nature after a few firefights. However, it’s crucial to remember this sequence as the tension ramps up. Nothing will sour a high-octane mission like struggling to put away your weapon when the situation demands discretion.

Why Holster in Night City?

You might wonder, “Why bother holstering at all?” A good question, especially when enemies lurk around every corner. Here’s why:

  1. Avoid Alarming Civilians: Pulling your gun out in front of civilians triggers panic. If you’re just trying to complete a mission without drama, holstering keeps you low-profile.
  2. Police Response: Inadvertently aiming a weapon at Night City cops will bring down the law. Best avoid them when possible.
  3. Melee Combat: Sometimes, a quick jab is more efficient than shooting. Holstering lets you switch to your fists or melee weapons for close-range combat.

Tactical Situations

Understanding the practical implications of holstering becomes crucial when you’re knee-deep in a mission. In crowded zones, where drawing your firearm is unnecessary or dangerous, double-tap to holster and keep it cool. The same applies when your mission calls for a quiet approach. Your weapon holstered, you can blend in or strike silently with a melee attack. During intense gunfights, if you’re low on ammo, switching to a melee weapon might be the better tactical choice. Holstering allows you to go from ranged to up close and personal in an instant.

Weapon Swapping and Quick Access

Cyberpunk 2077 also has a weapon wheel for quick swapping, but manually holstering provides another layer of control. It can save you crucial seconds when switching between primary and secondary weapons or when you need a quick breather. Plus, it makes it easier to get creative with combat, letting you combine ranged shots with up-close finishers.

Be a True Cyber Samurai

Mastering the art of holstering in Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t just about gameplay mechanics. It’s about being a smarter, more efficient player. In a world as chaotic and unpredictable as Night City, having the ability to swiftly put away your weapon might save you from making an accidental enemy or triggering a firefight that you weren’t ready for.

So, take the time to practice your double-taps, hone your instincts, and make holstering second nature. That way, you’re always ready to switch strategies, show off your cool-headed V, or just enjoy the mayhem of Night City without causing unnecessary trouble. After all, a smart edge is the best weapon you can carry.